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Crafting Your Vision Into Reality

Custom Woodwork

From intricate cutting boards to wooden doors. From kitchen counters to custom built cabinetry , we specialize in transforming raw wood into beautiful lasting products.

Home Renovations

With an eye for interior design, we work with you to help dated spaces live up to their true potentoal.

Handmade Decor

From holiday decor to home decorations, if you can think it, we can build it.  Whether you're looking for an exact replica of a piece you've seen, or you're looking for an original, we've got you covered.


With over ten years of painting experience you can feel confident that your project will be completed quickly and professionally. 

Meet Alex

In 2016, Alex Bollmann left his office job in order to chase his true passion for woodworking and renovating home spaces. A "jack of all trades", he took plenty of time winding his way through all sorts of interests and career prospects before taking the leap into owning and operating his own carpentry business. 

As a child, Alex was surrounded by family and friends who worked in construction, architecture, agriculture, and handyman trades. These influences helped define his core passion for learning how to use tools and to create and build and to work with his hands and his mind. 

Throughout his teenage days, he worked a variety of jobs in retail, landscaping, childcare, maintenance, and farming. In his spare time, his father taught him how to turn a wrench under the hood of a car, as well as how to work on their house and repair appliances. 

Alex initially declared graphic design as his college major before changing course to pursue a degree in Animal Science. He received his BS in Animal Science from the Darr School of Agriculture at Missouri State University in 2013. 

The college degree landed him a great opportunity to work in agricultural marketing. However, as the days and years ticked by,  he realized that a nine to five office job was no place for someone who spent their earliest days swinging a hammer and feeling the pride in the results of a hard day's work. 

Although starting a company from nothing was a challenge he had not yet faced, Alex grew his client base and honed his skills into a lifelong career that he is proud of. 

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